Endodontic Treatment – Everything That You Should Know About it

It consists of removing the pulp (nerve) from the interior of the pulp chamber and root canals and, subsequently, sealing these hermetically with solid material that avoids future complications, thus allowing the tooth to occupy its space and function. How is an Endodontic Treatment Performed? Basically, in three steps (usually, we choose to perform these […]

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Orthognathic surgery can correct the shape, size, and position of the jaws. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a medical and surgical specialty that treats congenital or acquired diseases and malformations of the mouth, face, and neck, from diagnosis to prevention and treatment. Salivary Glands Salivary glands are exocrine glands that are part of […]

What is Dentistry?

Dentistry is the area of dentistry that aims to restore or improve aesthetics and dental function. In recent years, restorative dentistry has undergone remarkable development due to the appearance of new technologies and new dental materials, which allow dentists to restore teeth conservatively with excellent esthetic results. teeth with caries lesion fracture treatment replacement of […]

Oral Hygiene – How to Avoid Central Oral Diseases?

The Dental Hygiene specialty within the Dental Medical Center of the Dental Medical Center aims to prevent oral diseases and maintain treatments carried out by other things, acting in a more educational and preventive aspect to each patient to adapt specific oral hygiene habits. Oral Hygiene Consultations Periodic oral hygiene appointments are crucial for the success of all treatments […]

How to Cure Halitosis?

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is an abnormal condition of the breath in which it changes in an unpleasant way for both the patient and the people with whom they relate. Halitosis is not necessarily a disease but an indicative sign of pathophysiological imbalance. The most significant aggravating factor of this problem is the […]

What is Dental Implant and How to get Dental implants?

What are dental implants? Dental implants are a type of dental treatment. A dental implant is the fixation of an artificial piece in the jaw bone that replaces the root of a lost tooth. Why is it done? It is done when tooth loss occurs. What does it consist of? The procedure consists of, first of all, making […]

What You Should Know About Falling Baby Teeth?

Most children are looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy from the age of five or six. A process of loss of milk teeth begins that should be followed carefully. During early childhood, permanent teeth develop in the jawbone. When they reach a specific size, they start their way outwards, wear away the roots […]

How To Remove Black Stains From Teeth Forever?

Today there are only treatments that manage to reduce the dark dental plaque in the enamel. A pioneering study has identified the bacteria that cause dark pigmentation, which opens the door to treatments to remove these spots altogether. Black plaque is the dark pigment on the tooth enamel, especially near the gums. It is known to have a bacterial […]

Oral Microbiota: How Bacteria in the Mouth Protect Us

Did you know that, on average, we have between 150 and 500 different species of bacteria in our mouth alone? Their balance depends on whether they act to protect us against possible infections or to facilitate the path of harmful microorganisms. The microbiota is in fashion, yes. But it is much more than a simple trend: […]

The Mistake Of Brushing Your Teeth After Eating

Did you know that depending on what you eat, it is convenient to wait twenty minutes to brush your teeth? Or that sugar-free sodas hurt you too? Let’s see why. It is not always advisable to brush your teeth as soon as you finish eating. Depending on what you have eaten, it is better to wait twenty minutes before […]