Wisdom Tooth Removal Ahmedabad

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Sometimes, it may happen; even after all the efforts, the dental disease can reach a high level where the teeth cannot be saved. Just like “WISDOM TOOTH,” in such cases, only wisdom tooth extraction in Ahmedabad treatment can be helpful to prevent additional damage to the surrounding gums & teeth and underlying bone.

Most people, especially children scare about tooth extraction because it is painful. Until today, it is the surgical procedure performed in the most medieval in the human body. Traditional wisdom teeth extractions are performed by fracturing and expanding the bone plate on the side of the cheek, and it is a very precious bone. Once lost, it is tough to recover. So to get the treatment from the expert is a must, and No doubt “ Dr. Joshipura” is the best for that…

Global Dental Clinic ™ & Implant Centre specializes in keeping teeth extraction minimally invasive and traumatic. We treat the area surrounding the impacted tooth for all your future needs. If your primary aesthetic tooth needs an extraction, it will not be treated to pull out, but it would be a clean process that will reserve heal and grow back.

We do wisdom tooth extraction using our latest extraction instruments and materials and special bone grafting techniques.


The wisdom tooth is the third molar that appears in the mouth. In most people, a wisdom tooth will begin to grow during the early twenties. Mostly, a wisdom tooth can grow without problems, but sometimes it requires wisdom tooth removal treatment.

A misaligned wisdom tooth can cause problems. A misaligned wisdom tooth can push and damage the surrounding teeth, injure the jaw or even damage the surrounding nerves. It is enough information, but people have questions regarding the wisdom teeth, here we disclosed some FAQs to get the correct information.

What is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third group of molars, and most people acquire them in their teens or early twenties. If these teeth are correctly aligned, they become a valuable asset, but they are often misaligned and need to be removed.

How can I know if I have wisdom teeth as well as extraction of the wisdom teeth?

You can go for the evaluation of the wisdom teeth to the dentist. The dentist can periodically evaluate your teeth and send you to an oral surgeon if you need wisdom teeth extraction.

To avoid the pain that the wisdom tooth may cause in the future, your oral surgeon may recommend removing the tooth.

How are wisdom teeth eliminated from the mouth?

It is depended on the position and development of teeth. It is ultimately erupting through the gum and can be easily removed with less pain by our team of impacted tooth extraction in Ahmedabad.

Though it is embedded in the jaw, it will be removed with minimal pain.

What happens during the extraction of wisdom teeth?

  • The teeth and tissue will be numbed with a local anesthetic to cause minimal pain.
  • We will decide if you administer the sedative as well to control any anxiety.
  • If not then, extract the teeth with minor surgery, and if yes, then you should take care of that( By taking the medicine that )

Most wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt directly in the mouth. They also deteriorate, which poses a threat to nearby teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful, and it can cause,

  • Persistent pain,
  • Pain in the ears/jaws,
  • Difficulty opening the mouth.
  • Chewing, etc.

Note: If an impacted wisdom tooth is left in the mouth for a long time, it can develop an infection that spreads to the surrounding gums and bones.

All said and done, with the uttermost technologies available in the Global Dental Clinic ™ & Implant Centre, it is very sure that we extract an impacted tooth aesthetic zone. Our main procedures concern the functional and aesthetic improvement of your mouth.