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Best Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad

Best Dental Clinic Ahmedabad


Global Dental Clinic ™ is among the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad. The core philosophy of Global Dental Clinic ™ is based on amalgation of art with science. The founders of the dental clinic are trained in modern dentistry but have an experience of more than 10 years. This makes Global Dental Clinic ™ as ideal place where experience meets cutting edge ultramodern technologies.

Everyyear, from its day of inception more than a decade ago, they invest a huge amount in upgrading the clinic and their knowledge. The main mission of the Global Dental Clinic ™ is oriented towards the quality treatment and utmost patient care with the highest standards as well as hassle-free treatment experience. With a conservative patient-first approach, GDC has grown leaps and bounds.

Why Choose Global Dental Clinic ™ for Dental Implants?

Internationally trained dentist (Nobel Biocare-Switzerland)

Member of International council of oral implantology.

We are Internationally trained dentists, who do more than one implant every day, every year. With exceptional success rate, the number keeps on increasing. This makes GDC one of the best dental implant specialists in Ahmedabad.

The place is a thriving hub for teenagers and young adults who aim for a beautiful and vibrant smile. Dr Joshipura himself is an orthodontist (MDS) and an expert smile architect. Dr. Joshipura is the best braces specialist in Ahmedabad who creates beautiful smile in least possible time.The Global Dental Clinic ™ provides various services under the braces specialists Ahmedabad team, such as Ultramodern, low- friction painless super fast braces, ceramic braces, clear aligners /Invisalign, etc

The best part is that once you become part of the Global Dental Clinic ™ patient fraternity, you will never be reluctant to communicate with the doctors. We call it “Family wali feeling”

Our strong dentist in Ahmedabad team, use the latest technologies and the most modern infrastructure, so our dental clinic in Ahmedabad has become a noted institution for the all dental ailments. With the multi-specialty treatment facilities, we offer a vast range of dental health treatment to relieve patient’s pain. Whether you need a simple treatment or the total dental cosmetic procedure such as teeth whitening, veneers or advanced implant surgery at the dental clinic Ahmedabad, we offer highly customised treatment procedure that fit the requirements of each and every patient.

We owe our credit to the care and passion that we show towards the welfare of the patients. We strive to achieve the best results for the patients at most affordable rates.

A Proper process is generally followed, so that there is seamless communication

  • If you are abroad, you can mail us your query and you will get detailed reply in 24 hours. You can also do a whatsapp audio/video call.
  • Book an appointment, and indulge in the process.
  • Consultation with the dentist, with all possible options for tooth issues.
  • Get a clear transparent quotation of total cost involved
  • Get the convenient sitting timings and dates
  • Come and get the proper treatment with proper follow-up instructions

We are glad you shake your hands with the dental health & concerns to our skilled and experienced hands. We will definitely ensure you with the best possible healthcare to all our patients!

Of course, we always complement our dentist in Ahmedabad team for their main services with the proper treatment as well as management for the customer service oriented approach. To experience best customer service and get the relief you can call on: +91 94091 18811.

Our Advantages

Smile, you’re designed to!
Strict cleanliness and sterilization protocol

Most of the things that we use are disposable. The other things are sterilized by international protocol. We know what it is like when something is put in your mouth, there can be no compromise.

Ultramodern Hi-Tech Setup

Global Dental Clinic ™ started with an ultramodern setup when it was relocated to CG road in 2013. Even after that, a new technology is incorporated in the clinic every year. This makes sure that the clinic remains in-touch with the ever advancing field of medical science.

Transparent Standard Treatment Charges

The charges at Global Dental Clinic ™ are transparent and standard. They do not change depending on the patient. TRUST is main pillar on which Global Dental Clinic ™ stands.

Global Expertise

We have been treating international patients from more than 19 different countries. We are still in touch with most of them.


Unlike a franchise model, the owners are the doctors who treat the patients. So even after several years they will be available to answer about the earlier treatment done.

Easy Accessibility

The location is in the heart of the city, with ample official street parking. Close to almost all the prominent areas of the city.


Our Services

Dental Smile, you’re designed to!



Dental Implant treatment is a great option for restoring your smile confidence.


Laser Treatment

Laser Gum Surgery is applied to treat your gummy smile by controlling over the Gums.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment helps to repair infected as well as badly decayed teeth with the proper cleaning and sealing.


Dental Braces

Braces Specialist make your teeth properly aligned to make your smile better and attractive.


Smile Designing

A cosmetic treatment that can improve the appearance of the smile through certain procedures.


Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges is a treatment that helps to fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth with the use of crowns.

Our Dentists

Smile, you’re designed to!
dentist in ahmedabad

Dr. Aatman Joshipura

Sr. Dentist

Dr Aatman Joshipura is one of the leading dental surgeons in Ahmedabad, graduated from K.M. shah dental college (Gujarat University) in 2007.

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best dentist in ahmedabad

Dr. Akshita Joshipura

Sr. Dentist

Dr.Akshita Joshipura Is a dental surgeon in Ahmedabad, graduated from K.M. shah dental college (Gujarat University) in 2007.

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