A sparkling smile like a pear with teeth jewelry

  Tooth jewelry is tiny imitation diamonds or jewels that are pasted on teeth using a specific adhesive. When is attached to teeth, Saliva will lift the adhesive in 1-2 days. no drilling is involved in it. Thus it’s pain and no surgery process. Its lifespan of about 6to 1 year months, or It can […]

What is Oral Hygiene? How to Maintain Oral Hygiene?

What is Oral Hygiene? What does good oral hygiene mean to you? Have pearl white teeth? Have fresh breath? Have a super clean feeling on your teeth and tongue? These are all important indicators of your oral health and are often the first things people notice when they meet. But getting really clean teeth, gums, […]

What is Orthodontics, the “Dental Appliance” Specialty?

The specialty of Dentistry diagnoses prevents and corrects dental malocclusions and the complications they can cause. However, orthodontics faces problems that go far beyond aligning teeth. It is often necessary to update changes and growth of the jaws. When teeth are crowded or overlapping, inadequate oral hygiene increases the risk of tooth decay and periodontal […]

What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is one of the procedures that we often use since it is a treatment increasingly sought by patients with oral health professionals. A smile with white teeth these days not only means an improvement in the oral health of each one of us, but it also increases the self-confidence and self-esteem we have for […]

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

The wisdom tooth, popularly known as “judgment teeth,” are the last dental arch. They are the last teeth to erupt, usually around the age of 18-21, the age at which they reach their most incredible age and hence the popular name. They are characterized by being large and special teeth due to their unique anatomy. […]

Oral Hygiene – How to Avoid Central Oral Diseases?

The Dental Hygiene specialty within the Dental Medical Center of the Dental Medical Center aims to prevent oral diseases and maintain treatments carried out by other things, acting in a more educational and preventive aspect to each patient to adapt specific oral hygiene habits. Oral Hygiene Consultations Periodic oral hygiene appointments are crucial for the success of all treatments […]

Brushing The Teeth: Avoid This Mistake

It is essential to prevent the proliferation of oral diseases and prevent them from evolving if they are already suffered. If you brush your teeth three times a day, you may think that everything is done. But maybe you forget something, for example, that you cannot use mouthwashes at will or that you must also clean your […]

How do You Choose the Best Dentist?

There are many patients who have doubts when choosing a trusted and best dentist in Ahmedabad. We offer some recommendations to help the population to know how to choose a dentist: Check if he/she is registered The professional who attends you must have a degree in Dentistry or a specialist in stomatology. In addition, hygienists and assistants […]

What are the common signs to get the braces?

7 signs you should go to braces specialist in Ahmedabad There are many reasons why people put on braces and there are some obvious and some are not. You may feel that your teeth are not perfectly straight, or you think your bite could adjust. There are many treatment options available for adults as well […]

Maintain your health by regular dental check-up

Why regular dental check-ups are important to maintain your dental health? Dentistry is now moving to more challenging time and, and with the more preservation strategies, it is being carried out. The dentist is not a lifesaver but he can save your teeth that are a very essential part of the body. There are numerous […]