Oral Hygiene – How to Avoid Central Oral Diseases?

The Dental Hygiene specialty within the Dental Medical Center of the Dental Medical Center aims to prevent oral diseases and maintain treatments carried out by other things, acting in a more educational and preventive aspect to each patient to adapt specific oral hygiene habits.

Oral Hygiene Consultations

Periodic oral hygiene appointments are crucial for the success of all treatments carried out and maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile.

Objectives of Oral Hygiene Consultations

The main objectives of Oral Hygiene consultations are the prevention of oral diseases, education, and promotion of good oral health habits to maintain a healthy smile. The screening for stomatological problems is part of the oral hygiene consultation and the referral to each specialty for the respective diagnosis and treatment.

What are the central Oral Diseases?

  • Dental cavity
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis

How to avoid central Oral Diseases?

  • Removing plaque is the most effective method of preventing the onset of either gum problems or tooth decay.
  • A specialist in Oral Hygiene will be the most indicated to advise you on the most effective means and methods for removing plaque.
  • Brushing, the use of dental floss and interdental brushes, and the use of fluoride toothpaste are essential. Brushing should always be done after meals and immediately before bedtime, at least twice a day, and flossing at night.
  • Care of brushing – The size of the brush must be suitable for the size of the mouth.
  • The brush should have soft or medium bristles.
  • Change brush every three months.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste.
  • After brushing, wash the brush and place it with the bristles facing up.
  • The brush should be individual.

The consultation of Oral Hygiene in Dental Implants

This consultation aims at the strict control of the patient’s oral hygiene, responding to the periodic needs of each one. Only in this way can we ensure the total success of dental implant treatment in the long term.

The cleaning of the implant-supported teeth and dental implants is performed using the most appropriate technique and instructing patients, practically, in the oral hygiene techniques that are most suitable for them.

The consultation of Oral Hygiene in Orthodontics (Dental Brace Carriers)

This consultation aims to support orthodontic treatment in terms of patient education and instruction in maintaining correct Oral Hygiene techniques and early detection of dental caries and gum problems that may arise during treatment. Only in this way can we guarantee that dental caries and gum problems will not develop during therapy with dental apparatus, thus concluding a successful treatment about dental aesthetics, function, and especially oral health.

The Oral Hygiene in Periodontology consultation

This consultation aims to maintain the excellent condition of the gums and treat them through non-surgical techniques such as Scaling, Root Smoothing, and Use of a Laser to disinfect periodontal pockets. In this consultation, each patient’s needs for good oral hygiene are exhaustively evaluated, and practical instruction to make this possible. The frequency of gum control appointments is essential for the maintenance of gum health.

Oral Hygiene in Pregnant Women

Before becoming pregnant, a woman must be evaluated by a specialist in dentistry to assess her oral health status, undergo treatments (when necessary), and receive all information about the care to take in her oral health during pregnancy.

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