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What is dental implant?

A natural tooth consists of a crown (the part you see above the gum), and the root (the part hidden under the gum). It is the root in the jawbone that actually holds the natural tooth in place. A dental implant in Ahmedabad services is a small (8 to 16mm) man-made titanium fixture that serves as a replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. It is most preferred solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Osseointegrated implants (All successful dental implants become rigidly fixed to the bone surrounding it, this osseointegration) are effective in over ninety-six percent of all patients treated.

When do we place dental implants?

We can use in dental implants in Ahmedabad when you have very mobile or missing teeth or no teeth at all or replace your denture with fixed teeth.

Why is it better than dental bridge?

To prepare a bridge we need to trim the neighboring teeth for support, which most of us don’t like. Also, to replace 1 tooth you will need 3 crowns (2 will act as support). In implants, we do not touch the neighboring teeth; only one tooth to replace the one which is missing.

Dental Implant in Ahmedabad
dental implant in ahmedabad

What is the advantage of getting dental implants in Ahmedabad done by Global Dental Clinic ™ experts?

We have all the latest machineries for Ahmedabad dental implants at all time in our own clinic. We do not rent it. (physiodispensor of satellac® , Sinus lift kit of Osstem® , and implant insertion kits of leading companies)

We are a team of implantologists who have had training in dental implants Ahmedabad from reputed institutes (PGCOI, The only certified course by dental council of India in the whole country) rather than observe and learn approach.

We have special training for immediate loading/ basal implants. So we can provide teeth within 3 days, without waiting for 3 months.

If there are more than one teeth missing, is it necessary that we put one implant for one tooth missing?

No. It depends on bone condition but one implant for one tooth is never necessary. For example we can have 16 teeth on about 8 implants.

dental implant in Ahmedabad

Are implants safe?

Yes, they are 100% safe. They are certified biocompatible titanium alloys which means absolutely safe, made especially for human body.

How much time does it take to place an implant??

For one implant placement it takes roughly 10 to 20 minutes.

What if my bone is not enough for the dental implants?

Now, we have solutions like basal implants and sinus lift procedures which makes it possible to place implants in almost all the cases.

Will I be able to carry out my daily routine immediately?

Yes, you can carry out all the activities normally right after the surgery. No need for rest.

How long do the implants last?

Lifetime. All the reputed companies which we use in our clinic give a lifetime warranty for the implants. This means that anytime in life if the implant becomes loose, which is very highly unlikely, the company will replace it for free. Only sometimes after few years, you will have to change the teeth over the implant.

dental implant in ahmedabad
dental implant ahmedabad
Dental Implants Ahmedabad
Do all the dentists perform sinus lift procedures?

No, only very few dentists in Ahmedabad perform this procedure.

How do we maintain the implants?

It doesn’t need much maintenance. You just have to keep the area clean by brushing. It is advisable to come for follow-up cleanings at the clinic every year.