Teeth jewellery treatment ahmedabad


Why tooth jewellery? – Check for the dazzling and uttermost jewel teeth service in Ahmedabad

The brilliant way to add the sparkle to your smile is “TEETH JEWELLERY TREATMENT”, Stand out from the crowd and make your teeth shinier and sparkling. The jewels offered in the Global Dental Clinic & Implant Centre is manufactured and certified. They all are available in many colours.

There are many misconceptions about the dental jewel, that it damages your teeth as well as dental tissues. But, there are no side effects of the dental jewels except for the increased charm your smile. Our dentist follows the painless procedure to fix the jewel on the surface of your tooth.

As per the tendency, mostly men prefer this jewel treatment, women don’t prefer to go to the clinic of the dental jewellery. But if you are thinking the way better dental jewellery then not any barrier is important to give the best look. The procedure is not invasive, you can add the dental jewellery can be fixed at the later stage.

The fashionable style allows you to express your individuality through your smile, and making it more unique and fashionable is our responsibility. You can choose your mood or what you want to express with your smile.

Types of the tooth jewellery:

Dental gems are usually mounted on a thin sheet of aluminium to create the attractive spark available in various colours.

Dental jewellery is available in many different colours such as sapphire blue, crystalline, ruby red and it varies in sizes just like 1.8 mm, 2.6 mm. Some less expensive versions of crystals are also available for dental jewellery. Ideally, they are suitable for the short term, to test the new service in your practice or for the client with a smaller budget.

You should know how we treat under the teeth jewellery treatment in Ahmedabad…

Unlike another process, this dental gems and jewellery do not give more pain, perforation and infection. It is easily removable at the same time with the major benefit to add more attractiveness and shine to the smile and makes them easier.

Consider the stages of the procedure,


It begins with an in-depth evaluation of the jaw alignment, the bone structure,the shape of your teeth, lips, mouth &face, andthe muscle function. It is important to thoroughly understand all of these factors under careful consideration.


The experienced and well-qualified dentists will provide dental treatment with a safe, clean and comfortable visit.


The dental jewellery procedure involves a personalized approach to improve the overall appearance.

The overall process of the tooth jewellery treatment in Ahmedabad,

  • The tooth is cleaned (use fluoride-free polishing paste).
  • Make it dry and isolated.
  • Etch acid to increase the surface area for bonding.
  • The surface is rinsed well with water and dry.
  • A light-curing bonding agent is used.
  • A small amount of compound flow is applied.
  • A jewellery handler is used to pick up the jewel and then press against the centre of the compound.
  • Adjusts the jewel by verifying the desired position in the mirror.

Overall process to remove the jewel from the tooth,

  • The jewel is removed in the way as the enamel will not be damaged.
  • After removing it, the tooth should be polished, which removes any remaining bonding material.
  • The dentist will use a rubber polisher when removing the stone.

Key points to get tooth jewellery in Ahmedabad treatment from Dr Joshipura

There are many factors that you should consider to come for the jewel tooth service in Ahmedabad, here are some…


Committed to providing the best possible dental care to improve the facial function of the patient.


Believe to offer the latest and updated technology.


Offer quality treatment at an affordable price with a better time schedule.


Treated by a professional and competent dentist at each appointment.

As we know that, body art is very popular in the fashion industry nowadays, includes tattoo, oral jewellery and body piercings. Let your teeth dazzle with the new fashion that is really unique, modern and glamorous. That is painless as well as have no risk of the infection, and give you to shine.